At Cagey we build on a solid foundation. All of our sites are hosted by Earthlink. EarthLink's new data center is supplied with three OC-48 (Optical Carrier Level 3) rings. That's the equivalent of 156 T3 lines with a speed capacity of roughly 8 Gbps. In addition to data traveling over Earthlink's OC-48 rings, you'll benefit from the numerous redundant DS3 connections they maintain. Earthlink partners with private peering companies, such as UUNET, Sprint, Wiltel, PacBell, WorldCom, BBN Planet, PSINet, Cable & Wireless, and more. This means that while other Servers may "go down", Cagey Industries' customers will enjoy a consistently reliable Internet connection.

To build our sites we use strict HTML, meaning our sites will look good using any web browser. We do not use templates, proprietary extensions or proprietary tags, ensuring maximum flexibility when it comes to keeping up with the internet as it evolves every day.  After having laid the foundation for a stable and flexible site we then design your site to meet your specific needs.

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